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  • Ouvertüre 1958 Da Bach nah (Down the river)

    Great stars were born in 1958 – including Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna. I was born in the same year. This can’t be a coincidence, can it? It’s gotta be magic. Yeah!

  • Umbenannte Raumfahrt (Space travel renamed)

    HASA stands for Heiner’s All Star Attraction. Are you ready for take-off to another dimension? Let’s go! And when we’re done grooving, we will return you safely to our home base in the Neckar valley.

  • Stay Blues

    It’s well after midnight in the small town of Tigerfeld. Deep snow is blocking the roads. Don’t leave now. Stay with me and hold me tight. This dance is our dance. You’re getting dressed? This time of the night? Why don’t you turn on the light? Did you have a bad dream? The downhill road is blocked And the snow won’t be cleared No way you can drive now Just come back to bed.

  • Au dabei

    Heiner Reiff, vocals, guitar, music and texts | Jane Walters – vocals | Ralf Schuon – Keyboards, Arrangements | Dieter Schumacher – drums | Ellen Reinhardt– Background Vocals, Bass und Space Toys

  • Wendle (Windy)

    A fresh breeze whirls fallen leaves into the air. I’m whistling in tune with the wind. What a wonderful day!

  • Trocknade Banana (Dried bananas)

    Looking for an instant thrill you can afford? Time to go nuts with dried bananas! Yeeah! Go for it!

  • Couch Potato

    I’m proud to be a couch potato – even though some folks line to pick on me. I know deep down they are burning with envy.

  • Sag Gnade (Mercy please)

    Beg for Mercy

  • Bschissjazz (Cheat jazz)

    Cheat Jazz

  • Oh Dibenga

    Tübingen town, where’s your magic gone? All those funky boutiques … gone with the wind. Names that no-one remembers. Others have taken their place.

  • Gedanken, sinnfrei (Deep and meaningful)

    Hi, honey! Can I get you a drink? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to pick you up. Never! I AM looking for a deep and meaningful relationship. You and me, how about that?

  • Nomen est Ohmenhausen

    Ohmenhausen is such a small, unassuming town. And yet, some alien travelers have chosen this place for an encounter with earthlings tonight. Are you ready to meet new friends from space?

  • Lieblingspulli (Favorite sweater)

    You moved to Berlin years ago, but your favorite scents still linger in the place you once called home: green apple shampoo & patchouli. And you left your favorite sweater behind. It’s seen better days. Take care, my dear!

  • A Mensch (It’s her)

    She works at a local department store. I only go there because I long to see her. Not that the feeling is mutual, but she did notice me the last time I was there. I’ve been warned, though. Keep away from trouble, they say. But I can’t get her out of my mind, no matter how hard I try.

  • Flokati Kathy


  • Färrari

    My next car is going to be a Färrari – you betcha! And I want a pretty chick to go with it. Hey YOU! Can you spare some cash? Help me make my dream come true!

  • Karussell (Carousel)

  • Hond verkaufa / Dutzi Dutzi (Sell the doggie)

    If I had a dog – and there are plenty of reasons why I don’t – I wouldn’t feel the pain of loneliness. Come to think of it, I can do anything a dog can do; well, almost.

  • Nomml a Dag (Another day)

    I’m killing time in the small hours. Another day is coming my way. And another one after that. Day after day, always the same story. I can’t sleep, killing time in the kitchen until sunrise. What a drag!

  • Wonder wa (Wonder why)

    So you think this is not your day? Just wait – because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • Olli

    I own a small boat named OLLI. It’s instrumental to my ambitious plans. Before long, it will take it up river, all the way to the town of Horb. They say that the ladies there are much hotter than the ones in dear old Tübingen.

  • Schaffhausa

    For a working man like me, Schaffhausen is the place to be. I’ve tried other places, but they just wear you out. Nothing beats my way of life in Schaffhausen town. The job is easy and the breaks are long.

Upcoming shows:

Fall 2020: Kyoto, Japan

In preparation:

United States of America

Stay tuned for details

About HASA

HASA Heiners All-Star-Attraktion – is the new live act created by Heiner Reiff. Co-starring with Ernst Mantel in the "ERNST UND HEINRICH" comedy duo, Heiner Reiff has graced the stages of Baden-Wuerttemberg for many years.
Jazz rock, blues ballads and the finest of funk, instrumentals plus Swabian lyrics, from far out to empathic:
HASA hits the spot and takes you higher!

Heiner Reiff – vocals, guitar, music and lyrics

In the late 70s, Heiner started his professional musician’s career at the age of 21 as a guitarist with the California-based dance and show band “Champain”.
He then founded the “Giro’combo” rock jazz trio, featuring lyrics in English plus experimental Swabian sound. He also worked as a studio musician for music and comedy formations in southern Germany and produced film music for industry and television.
In addition to participating in the “Total Improvisation Kraut Jazz” formation MANDALA MOVIE, he has been present on Baden-Wuerttemberg stages for many years with Ernst Mantel as “ERNST UND HEINRICH" auf Baden-Württembergs Bühnen präsent.

Jane Walters – vocals

Jane was fascinated by keyboard instruments at a young age, especially by the sounds of the church organ in her home town. Later she played the transverse flute in the local music club. One day, she chanced upon choir singing. Participating in the local gospel choir, she caught the “voice bug”, which in her opinion brings body, mind and soul into harmony. A graduate in jazz singing, she gives expression to a variety of music groups with her voice, mainly in the genres of jazz and gospel. Her involvement in other bands and projects includes: Jane Walters Gospel 4tett, MAJA feat. Jane Walters, DC JazzLab, GrooveCompany.

Ralf Schuon – keyboards, acrrangements

Ralf, who has been working as a keyboard musician for years, feels at home in “pop” and also enjoys excursions into jazz as well as classical music, dares to use other instruments or even the controls of sound equipment. In numerous engagements and playing for illustrious bands such as “Gracetown”, “Beatbetrieb”, “TOO LOUD FOR MAMMA” and “Allee der Kosmonauten” he has proven his artful skills on the keys.
His work is regularly released on CDs. He composes new oeuvres and arranges proven ones, and he likes to pass on his experiences in lessons, tuition classes and seminars.

Dieter Schumacher – Percussion

After studying at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Dieter has been working as a sideman in Stuttgart and the surrounding area for many years. He has supported various formations (e.g. MBJU, Cornichon, L.E. Bigband, Sebastian Studnitzky Quartet, Jochen Feucht - Sine qua non) on numerous tours abroad, radio recordings and CD productions.
His focus is on mainstream jazz and experimental projects. His personal favorite is jazz of the 50s and 60s.

Ellen Reinhardt– background vocals, bass and space toys

Ellen has been playing electric bass with various rock and soul bands for many years. She has been a member of the “Hornflakes“ for more than 25 years.
The assets she contributes to HASA include her voice and her use of space toys.